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24/7 alarm center

UMA assistance coordinators ensure, on a rotating basis, a 24-hour service. Their main mission is to analyze each case in order to provide the most suitable solution to the customer’s needs in a short lap of time. Qualified supervisors oversee the work of the assistance coordinators in order to ensure an optimal quality of service.
UMA’s staff evolves within the company sharing a common objective which is to provide policyholders with all the help they need, to be efficient and responsive to each situation.
Aware of the importance of the human factor in the accomplishment of our activity, UMA lends, since its creation, a particular attention in organizing regularly trainings, team buildings and various activities so to remain the best assistance provider of the region.

Ground Ambulance Transports

UMA has its own fleet of ambulances and also uses the services of carefully selected service providers meeting the quality standards imposed, bringing together functionality, safety, comfort and hygiene covering the entire Moroccan territory.
– “Standard” ambulances
Equipped with basic medical material, such as Oxygen Therapy Unit, lifting and immobilization equipment, first aid kit and other medical equipments. This mode of transportation is recommended for patients who do not require the supervision of a doctor or nurse during transport. The crew is usually composed of the ambulance driver and a first aid attendant/stretcher bearer.
– “Medicalized” ambulances
With intensive resuscitation equipments, this mode of transport for short and medium distances is recommended for patients requiring mandatory medical or paramedical support, usually ICU or emergency doctors. This type of ambulances is equipped with all the appropriate medical material depending on the patient’s pathology.
The accompanying doctor specialty is chosen depending on the nature of the pathology, the patient’s condition and of course the decision of the treating doctor.

Air Ambulance / Stretcher

UMA proceeds with the organization of medical evacuations either inside Morocco or abroad. These evacuations are performed by ground ambulances, commercial airline stretcher, air ambulance or by helicopter.
Air ambulances can be arranged anytime, day and night, after agreement of the treating doctor and according to the urgency of the case. Accompanying doctors, experienced for this type of missions, assure the repatriation and can intervene immediately if necessary.
For less urgent cases, UMA can also organize repatriation by stretcher or extra-seat on regular airliner; the organization of a stretcher takes up to 48h depending on seats availability.

Medical Regulation

UMA’s medical team consists of doctors with different specialties, experienced in the assistance field, who provide, on a rotating basis, a 24/7 service.
Their mission is the regulation and medical advice, the orientation to the appropriate facility depending on the pathology and location of the patient, the supervision of medicalized transports, interventions in clinics and hospitals, medical follow-ups with treating doctors. In some cases, visits are made to health facilities to ensure that patients are properly taken care of.
UMA medical team is also responsible for the accompaniment of patients from a medical facility to another in Morocco, or repatriations abroad in the best conditions by choosing the appropriate mode of transportation, the accompanying doctor best qualified and the most appropriate structure. They are also responsible for organizing medical visits at home.

House Call

Home medical visits are conducted through our licensed doctors who are present in all major cities of the Kingdom.
The doctor goes to the patient’s place of residence as soon as possible for consultation, affixes a diagnosis, a medical
report which is transferred to the insured’s company, grants a medical prescription and decides if the patient needs
to be admitted in a hospital.

Payment of medical expenses

UMA is responsible for the payment of invoices on behalf of its clients, whether for medical expenses in case of
hospitalization, outpatient consultation, dialysis sessions, and purchase of medicines or medical equipment.
Invoices from healthcare facilities are subject to careful study by our Cost Containment Department, which ensures
compliance with established and agreed pricing in line with the current medical nomenclature.

Cost containment

UMA has bilateral tariff agreement with the vast majority of medical providers in Morocco (clinics, hospitals, dialysis centers, medical cabinets, etc.). The “Cost Containment” team is responsible for the verification and control of all
medical bills before they are validated to ensure that pricing is respected and to avoid any abuse or error. Considerable sums are saved each year for the benefit of our customers.

Search and delivery of spare parts

UMA can search and deliver spare parts in the event of an insured vehicle breakdown or accident. Being approved by the Moroccan customs administration, we can also proceed to the importation of spare parts for temporary admission (without payment of customs duties).

Towing / Repair on the Spot

UMA has a fleet of various towing trucks to transport cars, motorcycles or campers. These trucks are equipped with electric and/or hydraulic loading systems, some of which can carry up to 8 vehicles at a time.
The fleet of fully equipped trucks, which we have throughout Morocco, also thanks to a very large network of contracted and regularly audited service providers, allows us to intervene even in the most remote areas of the country and also on-site repair for some so-called simple failures depending on the region.
Assistance coordinators follow up the repairs by making regular technical contacts with the dealer of the brand or the private garage chosen by the owner of the vehicle until the end of the repairs and the recovery of the vehicle by his owner. We are also able to find mobility and accommodation solutions for insured when needed.


At the request of insurance companies, when there is suspicion of insurance fraud, our organization is asked to investigate to identify misrepresentations, trumped up claims, exaggeration … and submit legally admissible evidence to confirm or deny the statements of the insured.

Taxis, Rental cars

On request, mobility solutions can be provided to the insured. These are made available to clients to accompany them either at their place of residence, to a hospital or to accompany them directly to the port or airport, with
assistance during boarding. An accommodation can also be taken in charge in case of hospitalization of a family member, breakdown of car or
vehicle under repair, etc…

Vehicle Repatriation

UMA takes care of all the necessary steps for the repatriation of a vehicle towards the country of residence of the insured. Being approved by the Moroccan customs administration, we are able to intervene 24/7 in order to regularize the customs situation of a client living abroad having introduced in Morocco a vehicle under the temporary importation regime, customs and all transit formalities. We are also responsible for the repatriation and scrap of European vehicles that have suffered major damage, deemed irreparable and must be abandoned either in Morocco or in Europe thus avoiding payment of customs fees. We also proceed to clear the client’s passport, by providing them a customs document, allowing them to leave the Moroccan territory without their vehicle entered under the temporary importation regime.